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Professionally Written

Our writers all have a background in recruitment or hiring so they know what employers look for on a CV.


We’ll include industry specific keywords and no boring, ineffective or overused phrases like “hard working.”

ATS Approved

Employers and recruiters use Applicant Tracking Systems to scan CVs. We only use compatible designs and phrasing.


We keep our prices fair for the everyday job seeker, but we never compromise on quality.


Your CV will be unique and visually appealing, yet concise to highlight what matters most.


You’ll have your new CV in 72 hours or less so you can start applying right away.

What We Do

We do one thing and we do it well. We’re experts at editing CVs. It’s no secret that a great CV is key to landing a great job. Though, many people struggle to get interviews because just one spelling, formatting or grammatical error can get it tossed in the bin.

Our writers are all experienced professionals in the Australian job market. They won’t simply review your CV, they’ll redo your CV from start to finish to give employers exactly what they want.



  • For 6 months I didn’t have a job so I didn’t have a lot of extra money to spare and I was getting desperate but getting my cv redone was probably the best thing I could have spent my money on. I got a part time job much faster than I thought and I also landed an internship in engineering. it was well worth the hundred dollars. Thanks guys!

  • I really appreciated you going above to work with me to make changes to my CV after getting the first draft back. The service was very quick, professional and my new CV looks better than I ever thought it would and I’ve already got two part time jobs! Before I didn’t even know that a CV and a resume were different until you made it very clear where I was going wrong.

    Thomas Yang
  • I got no interviews when coming to Australia. I had enough experience but applied for many jobs with no calls or nothing. After getting my cv redone with CV Done Right it was much more specific, I got three calls and two interviews in just a couple weeks!

    Shived Palani

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